Stylized Arabic reading: "Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem" Meaning: "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful".

DATE:Sunday, October 6, 2019
TIME:10:00 AM
LOCATION:Apsaruke Hall, 101
MEETING TITLE:BIC Progress and Issues


Ambrin MasoodAla’ Abdel GhafourQasim KhanJonah Sullivan
Labaran Ali MusahAdam Mallak

Call to Order

Br. Qasim called meeting to order. Recited the current business of the last meeting for Br. Jonah’s benefit as he was absent.

Last meeting, we discussed

  1. Place for a class spoke with Ala’ and that is $250/month, $50/week 2-3 hrs. for class – But we’ll know more by next weekend.
  2. Contact City and give them the space address. (Jonah asks if we know if board is responsible for and what to do) Adam says $2000 appxly. Ala’ transfer that to occupancy E. Qasim suggested to take the booklet and make a file and Ambrin will put it in the computer.
  3. Ala’ spoke about the business plan.
  4. Another is with chancellor – Ambrin’s meeting is on 4th.
  5. Another option is Dr. Khaleel – he’s coming next week and we can rent his clinic for $200 but he may not agree, there is a remote chance.

Current Business

  1. Ala’ – keep Fortis out of the picture for now.
  2. Why can’t we keep this room (101) – we can, but Ambrin will have to be here.

Build a Masjid

Site Selection
  1. Dr. Khalil’s house – Ala’ thinking about occupancy – ask city if we need to have it for occupancy E – it needs to be a church like building, city and fire dept. might have us do. Br. Ala’ states, “At Fortis it required $15,000 extra to install a system for safety reasons.”
  2. Adam has to start getting the paperwork from city so we can read the fine print.
  3. Architect, building inspector and fire marshal give this feedback. Ala’ volunteers to reach out to an architect.
  4. Br. Jonah inquires which board at the City of Billings is responsible for this approval.
  5. Adam – lot of the buildings around that area belong to Khalil so they might not mind. This land has lot of opportunity. Yesterday I got a phone call – Insha’Allah they will raise and donate and another in LA.
  6. Qasim said – Let’s start with the business plan. One reason to be fixated on Khalil’s place – we need to show a place. Ala’ agrees if we sell the front $200,000, it’s an investment.
Business Plan
  1. Jonah Asks what are the financial projections – solvent in 5 yrs.
  2. Ala’: We need 5 yr. financial projections
  3. Plan to include multiple different ways of raising money.
  4. Ala’ volunteered. Ala’ and Jonah with Qasim’s help will have a business plan by 1st Nov.
  5. By next weekend (10/12 – 10/13) Qasim will send Ala’ and Jonah a draft of financial projection per month.  Then show it to the community.
  6. Ala’: we need to set goals for donations that is in line with our expenses for example if education is $100/month then aim for that.
  7. Qasim: $25000/year is the goal – Taxes, utilities, insurance.
  8. Ala’: Have a meeting – start the activities, quarterly potlucks, education show community and then ask for donation.
  9. Donation Schedule: We need to come up with this for the next 5 yrs. (Qasim says, in 3-6 months we will have the idea how much will be donated).
  10. Qasim: we want to give the membership application to all members in community on potluck on 2nd Nov. And know who’s voting in next election.
  1. Everyone registers with fee $50/year
  2. Everyone donates for masjid – ($5-10)
  3. Pot-luck Nov. 2nd. (Ala’s birthday) – Use OPERATIONAL MONEY
  4. Announce about the Sunday School so they know where their money is going
  5. At Potluck ask people what’s stopping you from donating – Qasim nominated Ala’ to ask and talk about donation and money. Ambrin seconds that.
  6. Jonah: People don’t donate because they don’t feel like they’re a member of a community.
  7. Labran: Are we doing fund raising or ask for donation? Jonah: All of those, we will ask the community to commit to donate and have to hold fundraising events as well.
Potluck Idea
  1. How about have potluck and prayer on Sunday
  2. How about have potluck, prayer and education at the Pioneer Park ($400/month) for half a day.
  3. Ala’ suggested invested in card swiper, have SQUARE set up. Have people swipe the card. Ala’ will be responsible. We will have Paypal and SQUARE.
  4. Ala’: For education use the Fortis School
  5. Qasim: Designate people for talking about topics at Potluck. Delegate responsibilities.
  6. At the potluck – involve community ask who will teach what; tell them which topics we need help

Due by Next Meeting, Insha’Allah

Temporary Location – Ala’ and Jonah
Presenting School Plan to Community – Jonah and Ambrin, November 2nd at Potluck
Whiteboard, books and chairs at Br. Nur’s house – Qasim and Adam will Bring
Fundraising at Potluck – Ala and Qasim, and Qasim will ask Br. Munawer to bring donation forms
Draft Business By 10/11 – Br. Qasim
Sports/Activities Plan – Br. Labaran

Meeting Format

Next meeting will open with Jonah running down the project plan, asking for brief reports on their deliverable items.

Community Potluck

November 2nd, 2019 @ 1pm, Insha’Allah

Next Meeting

10/20/2019, 9:45am, Insha’Allah


Dua by Br. Adam